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Mourilyan State School

At Mourilyan State School every student has every opportunity to SEEK, DISCOVER and LEARN for LIFELONG SUCCESS.  We take pride in developing the academic, social, physical, cultural and ethical growth of our students with purposeful, active learning.  Students at Mourilyan State School are encouraged and supported through student-focused planning, quality teaching and learning programs, effective instructional practices, consistently high expectations, individual goal setting and shared staff commitment for all students to be:
  • Disciplined learners
  • Thoughtful contributors
  • Problem solvers
  • Team players
Maintaining a proactive, organised and cohesive learning culture is fundamental to the success of our school.  RESPECT for SELF, OTHERS, PROPERTY/ENVIRONMENT and LEARNING are the core expectations for all members of the school community.
At Mourilyan State School you will see:
    .   A school guided by clear and consistent values.
    . Relevant, challenging and purposeful teaching and learning
    . Explicit teaching, assessment and reporting of the national curriculum.
    . Student leadership programs to develop confidence and personal responsibility.
   . A broad range of subjects including English, Mathematics, Technology, Science, History,  Geography, Art, Music, Languages other than English, Health and Physical Education and Religious Education.  
     . Enrichment programs to develop children’s thinking and problem-solving skills.
     . Regular Staff Professional Development to update current teaching strategies and resources.
    . Ongoing celebration of achievement, quality, excellence, effort, personal bests and improvement.
    . Staff, children, parents and our local community working together.


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